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Welcome to the new war cemetery search program.

After the successful restoration of the Austrian- Hungarian war cemetery in Fogliano-Redipuglía by "Die Leobner Blaumützen - Freunde der Freidenswege" , a special search program was developed , which could also be applied to other war cemeteries.

In order to use the program, you first have to choose the desired language and then the required cemetery. An input mask will be displayed requesting first name, last name, date of death and descent. By filling in the name, normally, relevant data necessary to find the burial place, that is number of grave and sector, will appear. Clicking on the result, the position of the sector will be displayed.

If the input does not fully correspond with the inscription on the grave stone (listening or writing error), a list of similar names with relevant data will be provided, in which the grave of the diseased could eventually be found. If not, the wanted grave is not in that cemetery.

By clicking "descent" a list of all place names, regions and countries found on the grave stones will be displayed. By clicking on one, e.g. Galician, data from all soldiers killed in action in these respective places, regions, countries will be available.
When requesting a new form the old data has to be deleted.

Die Leobner Blaumützen wish you successful searching.

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